1. On May 23, Elliot Rodger took a gun to the streets of Isla Vista, CA, targeting students of the University of California, Santa Barbara. He succeeded in murdering six people before turning the gun on himself. 

    My best friend from high school was in Isla Vista that day. Her apartment was right near the zone where Rodger had been rampaging. On May 23, I was a concerned friend, texting to make sure that she was okay. But I never really imagined how I could be in the exact same role. 

    Today, the same kind of tragedy has come to SPU, the place that I’ve called home for the past four years.

    Tonight was supposed to be a night of celebration. Not just for Lingua, but for many students who were looking forward to the summer and wrapping up their studies on campus. There is no way to adequately express what effect this violence and agony of this afternoon has done to this community. 

    We pray for the family of the man who died today. We pray for the woman who, we last heard, is still in critical condition. We pray for the students who were in Otto Miller at the time of the shooting. 

    Lingua community members, please pray with us. 

    — Jessica Beebe, Lingua Editor-in-Chief

  2. "Foam" by Rachael Welch

    To see more of Rachael’s work, order your copy of the spring journal today! You can pick it up at our release party TONIGHT.

  3. "Recycled Forest" by Emily Reid and Maddy Watt

    We at Lingua love getting to see 3D art. Though we have a particularly soft spot for photography and illustration, 3D art always makes us stop! We received this piece from Cascade editor, Emily Reid, and Maddy Watt.

    Artist statement from Emily: This is an endeavor to engage the SPU community in the idea of recycling and creating something new and beautiful from the old and useless. Maddy Watt and I worked as partners to collect all the garbage from the SPU students and then assemble in into a fantastical northwest landscape. Journey through this enchanting 3D forest to discover little critters and a whole new way of looking at garbage!

  4. And now for the final event: the Lingua release! The spring journal is a gorgeously designed, 50+ page volume featuring the best art, writing, and music from the SPU students (that’s right, the journal includes a CD!). Make sure you order a copy here and check out our line-up:

    Meredith Adams
    Ali Bigliardi
    Ally Christofferson
    Zack Galligan
    Natalie Hoekstra
    Adam Hutchinson
    Amanda Keithley
    Joey Lyon
    Claire Nieman
    Kelly Pantoleon
    Jacob Wiebe
    Rachael Welch

    Jessica Beebe
    Julia Bennett
    Mary Campbell
    Ally Christofferson
    Carolyn Chaffee
    Brayli Dripps
    Austin R. Harris
    Kendal Hocking
    Ryan Howard
    Sarah Hunt
    Brindi Kisamore
    Huy Nguyen
    Erin Miller
    Katie Olson
    Brooke Snyder
    Rachael Welch

    Rough People Daniel Volland, Greg Rodgers, Sam Tyner, Jordan Schenstead, Dan Diaz)
    Michael Worotikan
    Andrew Wurtz
    Katie Li
    Caleb Parker
    Joshua Baez
    Zachary Meyers
    Gabe Much
    Joey Lyon
    TakeMeWithYer (Braden Gillispie and Steven Arthur) 
    auteurist (Luke Culbertson)


  5. The Feast of All Saints by Claire Nieman

    armored in cotton and sensible shoes
    children of the earliest mornings
    wounded and healing
    blessed brethren of compassion and decay
    pray for us, pray for us
    now and at the hour of every death

    Yet another wonderful poem from the wonderful Claire Nieman. Lingua has a very, very serious poetry crush on this girl and we’ll be publishing her poem, “First Communion,” in the spring journal! If you like Claire’s poetry, then make sure you order your copy of the spring journal, to be released this Thursday! (Accompanying artwork from non-SPU student Andrew Wyeth.)


    artwork from Andrew Wyeth

  6. Wanderlust by Austin R. Harris

    Austin has some more fantastic photography in the Lingua journal so make sure you order your copy today! We’ll be handing out your copy at the Lingua release this Thursday, so don’t miss out!


  7. "The Nut"

    “The Nut” by Coram Parker is a fantastic example of the power of language in poetry. Almost as if it was written by the great John Ashbery himself, Parker’s poem relies upon alliteration, assonance, and vivid imagery for both its coherence and its driving force. The final word purging hits full force, like a slap containing everything that has come before it.

    While this poem will not be included in the printed journal, it just goes to show the incredible work Lingua receives during the submission process. Personally, I can’t stop reading this poem. Enjoy!

    The Nut

    I’ve been chewing this gum too long.

    Ears popping and dry tongue licking

    shred skin lips. An apple

    foam-rotting from the inside,

    the worms.

    Falling, flowing

    eyes are bulging and

    the rotten meat juice

    from the corner of a lipstick mouth

    Dripping upwards

    Ah, mind in these couples passing

    hand holding, scarf wearing fakers.

    Poles bent. Flags torn.

    A squeaky wheel on the

    shopping cart. Smudge floor—


    in shabby.

    falling apart face. Disintegrating

    in the tiny skin wrinkle insanity


    down sleep slipping contrails of illumination

    Behind my ear

    and all the windpsun trickle lights

    Out of irises the color of medicine magic

    This is the end of things

    in the put-together-puzzle world.

    Dark eyed lady and shiny

    pock-marked Mexican

    with roses for who?

    And you,

    delirious piss homeless man.

    In another life you would have been

    Santa Claus

    Holy City,

    naval of mother earth

    Jerusalem— Shalom Salaam

    High walls and

    checkpoints in the West Bank.





    sublime I, II, and III by Brooke Snyder

    Don’t forget to attend the journal release party next Thursday, June 5, from 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm in Martin Square. Thank you for supporting creativity at SPU. 

    -Adam Hutchinson, Lingua Business Manager

  8. Strangers by Huy Nguyen. 

    Another sneak peak! Huy Nguyen is a photographer that Lingua is featuring in our spring journal! We can’t wait to show you Huy’s work in print. If you like Strangers, then order your copy of the spring journal today for more of his photographs and other work from artists and writers on campus — as well as a CD! 

    AND make sure you don’t miss our release party. It’s coming up next week, JUNE 5 in Martin Square. RSVP on Facebook here


  9. Spring Journal? Check.

    Here at Lingua we are eagerly planning out this last stretch of 2013-2014. As the wave of submissions subsided and we started the layout process, we often caught ourselves in moments of deep reflection and smiling to ourselves as we read, looked, and listened to all the pieces you have made, genuinely enjoying the art community of SPU, rediscovering artists we know well and pleasantly surprised with the new faces.

    As that stage of the process finished within the last couple days we are awaiting the printed journal in anticipation. We are longing to hold our final project (THE SPRING JOURNAL!) in our own hands, but even more so itching to share it with all of you. Each journal has a voice of its own as art pieces come together. We thoughtfully laid them out, spending time with the each piece individually and as a whole, arranging them in ways that will create conversation. They always have a knack of responding to each other and giving new meaning to each other. It’s culmination and summary of the creative year at SPU.

    So to momentarily distract us, while at the same time building up to the big moment, we have dove headlong in to organizing the Lingua Spring Journal Release Party! You have a lovely soiree-evening-in-the-park in your near future, folks (weather permitting). Lovely music and poetry will float through Martin Square as you greedily flip through the pages of the journal just placed in your hands.

    Or at least that’s what we’ll be doing.


  10. Hail the Triumphant Viscom Seniors

    While most of us are very busy with essays, tests or lab reports at this time of the year, the Visual Communication seniors are ramping up for their gallery show. Featured in the art building, this last masterpiece of their SPU schooling will be the farewell to four years of hard work. Opening this Thursday, the gallery will showcase the work of Wesley Anderson, Ariel Butz, Olivia Clements,  William Culbertson, Kelly Dunagan, Kiri Evanson, Benjamin Harthun, Allison Kennedy, Anna Martell, Hayley McNeil, Marie Medearis, Paige Miller,  Claire Nellessen, Emily Reid, Emily Scott,  Emily Scrabeck, Brooke Snyder, and Shelby Sprake. Viscom is comprised of more members than most art majors, but all of them have unique passions and are ready to challenge the world with a digital paintbrush.


    Ariel Butz, one of the skilled seniors soon to grace the gallery with her art, has been working on making her display presentable. “There is so much work that goes into our projects, and then we have to choose which ones we want to show. We have to select projects that represent what we want to do in the future, in our careers.” But besides keeping careers in mind, this is their chance to enjoy the diligence that has paid off after the past years of designing.

    On May 29, from 5-7pm, there will be a reception for the gallery open to the student body to introduce the artists’ work. Not to mention there will be snacks served, which means you can indulge your taste for art and taste for food at the same time—multitasking. As you visit the art center this week, remember the labor that has gone into each web design, each logo, the countless hours trying to perfect the yearbook layouts that have resulted in such lovely spreads of shining faces…

    Remember all this and appreciate the Visual Communications students who do so much, both behind the scenes and at the forefront of the SPU art world. They would love to hear in person that you value their work, so run on by the reception next Thursday and thank an artist.

    Hannah Peterson, Social Media Manager